Well we’ve made it… almost. The c-section is tomorrow morning and we are ready and excited! I keep hearing that weird guy from Star Wars saying, “almost there… just a little further.”

As hard as this pregnancy has been, I am so immensely grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant again and have another baby! It has truly been a miracle. I’m glad it’s over, because the baby is the whole point, but it has been a blessing and I’m a little sad to see it end. Not as sad as I’d be to have to remain pregnant for another week because I’m in agony! LOL. But it is making me feel a bit sentimental to be at the end here.

But I am beyond ready to meet and snuggle this little baby boy! Tomorrow can’t come fast enough! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow!

  1. Wow, aready that time. So happy for you that you got through your pregnancy and is now holding your baby. Wating for the adorable baby boy pictures. So freaking excited for you.

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