So I’m 32 weeks now and about 2 weeks ago I noticed that the baby “dropped.” I was slightly concerned, for about 2 minutes, because I’ve never had a baby drop this early but figured it was fine. I can feel his head (well, I’m assuming it’s his head) pushing against my pubic bone constantly, lots of weight/pressure in my pelvic floor, and lots of pressure against my sacrum. Honestly, I’m just glad that my heartburn has eased up a bit because it was no joke.

But I saw the doctor yesterday. Well, I saw the nurse. The doctor was on an emergency call when I got there and I didn’t want to reschedule, so I saw the nurse. She’s super nice, but I guess I don’t trust her opinion as much as I do his… is that rude? I like her and I’m sure she knows her job, it’s just… I don’t know.

Anyway she noticed I had dropped and was concerned… well concerned is too strong of a word for it. I guess it can indicate labor coming soon, but doesn’t have to mean that. But she was slightly concerned that I have dropped so early and that his head is somewhat engaged already. I guess the head in the hole is the bigger issue here? Anyway she said that they’d need to watch me more closely to make sure I didn’t go into pre-term labor. Um, what? I’m not freaking out, but I really don’t like those words. And she said she’d need to talk to the doctor about it and see if he had any restrictions or recommendations.

So, is this something I actually need to be concerned about? I honestly thought it was no big deal to drop. Maybe it’s the head position though. I don’t know. I couldn’t think of anything to say or ask her at the time. Again, I’m not freaking out. I don’t actually think anything is going to happen, but I am a bit more anxious now and aware of every twinge and contraction. I get lots of Braxton Hicks, so now I’m starting to wonder if I should pay more attention to them and try to get them to stop when they start.

I see the doctor again in 2 weeks. Hopefully he’ll actually be there this time and will be able to tell me how much I should be concerned about it. For now, I’m just anxious enough to kick my nesting into high gear. I’m half way through my list of freezer meals to make, because I don’t want to live on fast food after the baby arrives. I have almost all of my baby stuff here and sort of organized… remember we gave everything away last year after the miscarriage and failed fertility treatments, so we had to buy everything new again. I have the crib bedding 90% sewn and ready. Really after this weekend, we’ll be close enough that if baby came we’d be ready. Of course he can’t come this early, or he’d be in NICU… so really, don’t come early baby.  But the point is, I’m using the extra anxiety to get crap done. And I guess that’s a good thing.


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