It’s a BOY!!!

We are naming him Oliver. He was pretty stubborn and didn’t want us to know his gender. They had to really work on him to get him to move. We took the kids to the ultrasound. They loved seeing him move. He even looked like he was waving at them once, and that made the kids almost scream with excitement. LOL. Our little boy (8yrs) is really ecstatic to have a baby brother. But our little girl (4yrs) is beyond devastated. She started crying as soon as the ultrasound tech said, “It’s a boy!” Immediate tears, turning quickly into full sobs. It was so sad, and cute. I’m sure she’ll get used to the idea and will love him anyway, because she loves all babies… but right now she just keeps saying, “I don’t like babies if they’re boys.” LOL. Poor thing. She’s already convinced that I will get pregnant again right away and have a girl so she can have a sister. Well, she can dream. I’d love it… and I hate that my kids have to learn about the disappointment of infertility and loss at such an early age, so I didn’t burst her bubble.  It’s giving her something to keep her happy for now anyway. 🙂


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