First Week of School

So we started homeschool this week, a whole month earlier than originally planned but this way we can take a full month off when the baby arrives. I have to be honest, none of us wanted to start yet and it was freaking brutal. Morning sickness does not make me patient and kind, I mean I try not to be a nasty witch but it is so hard to be as patient as I need to be when I am dizzy and trying not to puke. Thankfully my son is in 3rd grade now and pretty independent on the lessons once I, you know give the lesson and set him to work on his own. Then I go lie down on the couch and help the 4 year old try to form her letters and do her pre-school workbooks. Get up and check his work, and get him going on the next subject. It’s not too bad really, but it was really hard to get going.

I have found that in order to be able to even function at all, I must take the prescription anti-nausea the doc gave me. I hate that. It gives me headaches and makes me feel weird. But without it, I actually can’t stand or sit long enough to do school, so I’m stuck taking it for now. Tired of having a headache. I’m still very nauseated even after taking the meds, but they do take the edge off just enough to sort of function. However, my house is a wreck, my laundry is piled up way too high, my garden is probably all the way dead, and my family is living off of fast food and cold cereal. I feel badly about it, but I’m also totally aware that I can’t do much more than I’m doing. This has been a really tough pregnancy so far, either that or I’m just freaking old and becoming a pansy, but I swear it wasn’t quite this hard in the past.

In addition to starting early, we’re also doing extra work during this first part of the school year. For instance, I was taking Fridays off for English composition and grammar… but now adding Fridays back in, that means we’ll be almost all the way through with it by the time the baby is here. Same with other subjects. Work hard now and try to get through as much of it as possible so that when we come back from our month off for baby, we have less to do than we normally would. I’m telling you that a month off after a c-section isn’t much. LOL. So I’m trying to make it as easy and light as possible. If we stick to the new schedule, we’ll be done with history, literature, and science just in time for baby… with only a week left of English comp/grammar when we return a month later, plus full spelling, math, religious studies for the remaining few weeks of school. That’s about half days. I think I can handle it… I hope. 🙂

I didn’t see the doctor this week. He thinks I’m okay to go to every 2 weeks for appointments. That makes me happy because it means he’s more confident in this pregnancy being viable than he was before. All good things! I see him again next week, and I’m anxious to hear the heartbeat again… you know it’s just so reassuring. I can’t wait until I can feel baby movements, then I can relax a little. When I get worried or stressed about it, I can drink some OJ and lie down to wait for the crazy kicks to start. 🙂 I love feeling baby kicks and I can’t wait!!!

We had to announce the pregnancy on facebook. We normally wouldn’t have done it until 12 weeks, but our kids were telling everyone anyway, so about half of our friends already knew. It’s a little nerve racking to announce this early, but it was time. I’m just over 9 weeks now, and the heartbeat and everything look great, so I hope everything turns out. I’ve lost just over 10 pounds to morning sickness so far, but I put on my baggy jeans the other day to run to the store, and they’re too tight already! I guess my tummy is growing pretty fast this time. I can’t wait to have a pregnant looking belly and not just a chubby looking belly. 🙂


One thought on “First Week of School

  1. Your pregnancy sounds so much like my last one including the nasty side effects of the anti-nausea medication. It’s all so worth it! I kept telling that myself throughout those months and I really had faith that I was right but now I know! You are being a trooper with everything you are doing homeschool wise. I was so checked out of everything. Mostly I want to say that I commiserate with your misery but I am just so so happy for you.

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