Little Update

I had some bleeding and cramping over the weekend. Not too bad, but enough to make me nervous. So I just decided to lie down as much as possible because every time I bleed they tell me to do bed rest until it stops. It worked and I’m glad. πŸ™‚ Saw the doctor today and everything is looking great! Heartbeat is up to 172! πŸ™‚ Woot! And he doesn’t want to see me again for 2 weeks, which is awesome!

Meanwhile, my morning sickness is bad enough that my (almost) 4 year old little girl prayed that I would be able to “throw up the baby soon so we can hold it.” Um, that’s not exactly how labor works. LOL. I tried to explain to her that the baby comes out of mommy’s belly, I don’t puke it up. She thought that was worse, but honestly I think the puking version of labor is the worst thing I’ve ever heard! Could you imagine! Not many things rival the pain of real labor, but I think that would surpass it. Oy.

Also we’re starting homeschool next week… a full month earlier than we were going to initially. I love that homeschool is so flexible and I can change it at any point for what’s happening in our lives. At the same time I want to cry… Waaaaah! I don’t want to start school yet! I’m not done having fun with summer! And I’m not sure I’m up to standing up and teaching for long periods of time in the mornings just yet either. LOL…. But when it’s March and I have the baby, and am recovering from my 3rd c-section, I know I’ll be SO happy that I started a month early so that I could take a full month off!

My garden is so sad. It is paying a brutal price for my nausea. I just can’t do everything I need to be doing, and the garden is just about the first thing to go… I’m still trying to water it at least once or twice a week, but that’s it and it’s looking so sad!!! As long as the tomatoes make it, I’ll be okay. LOL.


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