Morning Sickness

It’s freaking killing me! LOL. I am not complaining, because I’m really glad to have it. Makes me feel more confident and therefore hopeful and joyful. But it still isn’t any fun. Also I think it means that it’s either twins or a boy. LOL. Seriously, I’m already at the point where I have about an hour a day where I don’t have to lie down or puke… and I’m already lying down flat to be able to eat dinner at all.

I know, it’s a really good sign. Makes me hopeful that we won’t miscarry this time. Still no guarantee, but I’m a lot more confident going into that next appt on Monday.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t have any morning sickness until about week 7 or 8. With my son, I swear I was puking before conception. LOL. Seriously, it was pretty much immediate and I lost over 40 pounds and the morning sickness lasted 6 months. I’ve been nauseated pretty steadily for a few weeks (maybe 3?) and I’m only 6 weeks along… and it’s already pretty gnarly… so I’m guessing boy. Or twins. LOL. Of course they only saw one egg sac, so the twin thing is a long shot.

Other good news, my quant hcg was more than 2000 over the normal range for my gestational age (is that the right term? LOL). So that’s awesome! Means it’s a good and strong pregnancy, hopefully. I know we’ll know more Monday and I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I know the heartbeat was a bit low, but there was still a stinking heartbeat at 5 weeks people. 🙂 Still pretty happy about that.

I’m hoping, and also hoping that my little bubble of hope isn’t brutally crushed on Monday… or any day thereafter.  I’d really like a baby out of all of this. Pretty please?


2 thoughts on “Morning Sickness

  1. I swear I left a comment on your last post. I am so freaking excited for you. Your HCG numbers are so good and the morning sickness is encouraging. Praying for you and baby.

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