Tomatoes and Homeschool

Spring is in the air! I finally planted my tomato plants this year… something that I try to do about a month earlier than I did this year. I use wall-o-waters to get an early start and try to get some ripe tomatoes long before I should technically get any. So I’m behind my goal, but still about 2 weeks ahead of when I would be doing it without the walls. So, meh. πŸ™‚ I am very excited about it! (And VERY SORE from it!!!) I thought I was going to scale back this year and do only 4 or 5 tomatoes… but I somehow ended up with 10 in my cart. I don’t know, it’s a mystery to me as well. LOL. But I’m not regretting it one speck. And for the record, this is scaling back… as I have been known to have as many as 16 tomato plants in the ground at a time. Now my only problem is waiting until they grow and get ripe… waiting for tomatoes every year is the LONGEST 2 (or 3) months of my life!!! (If you’re curious, I’m doing 2 Cherokee Purple, 2 Mr. Stripey, 4 Sun Sugar… those are my all time favorite 3… and then I’m trying one each of Black from Tula and Black Russian.)

School is almost done for this year!!! Woot!!! I love homeschooling! We didn’t take the full break at Christmas, and skipped a mid-term break a few weeks later, and then skipped Spring Break as well…. * I didn’t really mean to, but we just didn’t need a break.* And now we get to end school 2 weeks ahead of schedule! πŸ™‚ By the end of this week, we will only have 3 weeks left!!! I am so excited! It will be nice to have a more relaxed schedule. We start every morning with school, so now I can get up slowly and lounge around… maybe water the garden while the kids play in the yard… and I will have some extra time to accomplish some personal goals… books I’ve been wanting to read, and things I’ve been wanting to learn and do, an exercise class I want to go to but was right in the middle of school time, some half done sewing projects… Don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling! It is the best! But a break is also very nice. πŸ™‚

Also, I’m already lining up our summer subjects. LOL. Not a ton of stuff, but I want to still do a consistent hour or so every day of something… just so he doesn’t forget stuff. We will probably take about 2 weeks to just do nothing, and then start in on just a little bit every day… but much more relaxed and slow paced so it still feels like a break. So I have extra math review pages, and a really nice/simple/basic world history book, maybe some science (but that might be a little much for summer), and of course lots of good books to read together! My boy will be 8 years old, and he reads well above grade level, and he loves excitement but is also very sensitive to violence and sadness… so I’m trying to find some quality books (real heroes, NOT anti-heroes!!! A major pet peeve of mine, but I digress…) We’re starting with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and then I need to fill out the rest of the summer line up. Any suggestions? Clean and exciting, but not scary or sad, and with real heroes with real honor, respect, and integrity… Part of the problem here is that I choose to read every book before starting it with him, and I haven’t read much in the way of little boy fiction. LOL. So I have some titles in mind, but need to read them first, and need a few back ups for just in case those titles don’t work out the way I’d hoped.

As always, I’m very excited to start my garden this year. I didn’t start anything from seed though. I really enjoy it, but it just didn’t fit my schedule. So I’m buying my starter plants from the local nursery. And the good side effect of that is that I’ve already found the Mother’s Day present I’m giving my mom. πŸ™‚ She lives in the basement here, and one of her windows has this big flower bed in almost full shade… everything we’ve tried to grow there dies instantly. LOL. She desperately wants a big shrub with big, bright pink flowers. Really she wants a big beautiful rose bush, but I just can’t find one for full shade. So while I was at the nursery, salivating over all of my tomato options, I decided to ask the main tree/shrub lady there for advice. She has her master’s degree and 20 years of experience here locally… and she told me that in our area hydrangea do really well in full shade! What in the??? Everywhere I read it says full sun to partial shade… but she assured me that full shade is perfect for this area. So, we’re going to give it a try! Yay!!! I need to amend the soil a little bit first, but very soon we will be planting a large Straw.ber.ry Van.ill.a hydrangea bush! I am very excited and I really, really, REALLY hope it works out! I’d love to know my mom has a beautiful view out her window. She has other windows, with other nice views, but this one is a main window, and is on the path to her own entrance to the house… so she’s always embarrassed when she has guests because it’s so ugly and barren. So I’m crossing my fingers that this will work.

On the TTC front… I got nothing. LOL. My cycles are a bit more regular, but right now I’m in an emotional funk about it. I’ll be 39 in a couple weeks and I just am discouraged. So I don’t know. We’ll keep trying, because I honestly can’t help but hope for a miracle… but right now I’m just sort of … tired. And I’d much rather think about those beautiful tomatoes!!! Seriously, waiting for tomatoes takes forever! I can’t wait! πŸ™‚ One day I’ll break down and buy a small green house, so that I can have fresh tomatoes all year long! … Yeah, I probably won’t ever really do that… seems like such a waste of money. LOL. But maybe, if I win the lottery or something. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Tomatoes and Homeschool

  1. πŸ™‚ you will be swimming in tomatoes in a few month. I am glad homeschooling is going well. With chronic illness and all that comes with it, you seem to be managing well. Those tomatoes are worth it if they make you forget the ugly TTC roller-coaster πŸ™‚

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