Woke up at 3am the other day to take care of a screaming child. And I thought, “hmmm, I think my tooth hurts, but maybe I’m just still half asleep.” But it wasn’t just the fatigue making me hallucinate, throughout the day it became clear that the tooth really did hurt. Great. Also I was pretty sure that I’d already had a root canal on that tooth, like just last year. In fact, almost exactly a year ago. But I thought I must really be crazy because that can’t happen, right…

So yeah, it is the tooth that just had a root canal a year ago. The dentist gave me this little speech about how this can happen, basically making sure to tell me that it isn’t his fault and he isn’t going to fix it for free (I didn’t even ask or bring that up, but he was clearly just covering his butt). He sent me onto a specialist who was supposed to do an oral surgery on me to try and save the crown that’s already there.

Morning of the supposed surgery, I had to POAS because we haven’t been using protection and they just want to be sure. And I’m just here to say that I’m completely retarded. Of course it’s a BFN, how could it be anything else… but my crazy little brain, even though prior to this I had no indication or belief that I could have even possibly been pregnant, regardless my crazy little brain has associated POAS with hope for a BFP. I was shocked at how nervous and excited I was to test again… stupid! And I was stunned by how crushed and disappointed I was to get the inevitable BFN. Why did it hurt so badly? I wasn’t even expecting it to be positive. So lame.

Anyway, so after that depressing start to the day, I fought my way through morning traffic to get to the other side of town and see the specialist for surgery… except for they didn’t schedule enough time for the surgery. I guess there was a miscommunication and they had me scheduled for another root canal, which I obviously didn’t need because I’d already had one. And the surgery takes twice the amount of time as the root canal. So he just did another x-ray and knocked on my tooth again just to be sure that I was really in pain and then told me to schedule a surgery “within about 3 weeks.”

*Sigh.* I hope my tooth doesn’t explode with pain before I get back in there. So for now I’m chewing on one side of my mouth, looking forward to more dental bills (yay!), and praying that I make it to next Tuesday for my surgery without having tons of pain or swelling. The tooth hurts, but so far I can deal with it. Hoping it stays that way. Also I have to POAS again next week before the actual surgery, just to make sure. Trying to brace for that one. So stupid that I can’t do something so simple without getting my crazy hopes up all high. Which is extra lame because if it were positive I’d be totally screwed… would they even do the surgery if it were positive? Probably, I bet the only change would be no pain meds. Um, yeah that would suck.

Then I went to my regular doc to be tested for the Sjogren’s. I had no idea how depressed I was until I got there. I basically told him that it didn’t even matter whether or not he wanted to test me because it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. LOL. I’m surprised he didn’t just write me a prescription for anti-depressants on the spot. Ha! Anyway, hoping to get the results from that sometime next week as well. Of course, having said that, my doc said that the results don’t really matter either. (Although he didn’t say it in the dejected way that I did, lol.) I guess they’re only about 70% accurate, that other 30% is made up of people who test positive but don’t have it, and people who test negative but really do have it. Um, really? So whether or not I get a positive test for it, they still won’t know if I really have it or not??? Weird. And lame. And why am I doing this again? Really, what is the point?  *rolls eyes*

I’ll try to be in a better mood when I post again. PMS + abcess tooth + BFN + stupid blood test = I’m really cranky.


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