Too Short

We start homeschool again in a week. Oy. Summer vacation was too short. Last year we had to switch curriculum at Christmas (it was laughably inadequate) and start over again at New Years. So we crammed it all in, 1 full year from January through July. It was tough… plus we were doing school from September on… so it was a long hard pull… but totally worth it. I’d much rather do that and know that my child is getting the best possible education. But it was still really hard, especially with all the fertility treatments, the crazy roller coaster of a pregnancy, the miscarriage, and d&c… yeah, crazy ride.

So I always knew this would be a really fast month, a very short break… but after all of that, I have had a really difficult month with poor health. I’m just really tired and weak… not to mention hormonal, LOL… and it’s difficult for me to just get back to normal. I have a week left, and this past week I spent at least 3 days flat on my back, 3 days as a walking zombie, and maybe 1 good day. Oy. I hope I get back on top of my health before school starts, or I’m in trouble.

Also, I’m having relentless dreams about being pregnant, giving birth, having a baby… and even some freaky ones about going in to give birth only to be told that I’m not really pregnant and just need another d&c. Guess I have it on the brain.

And that’s about it I guess. There’s my little update. It sounds depressing or boring… but I don’t feel depressed or boring. Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And I hope you all still have more summer left than I do. 🙂


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