So the surgery went well. I have basically recovered from it. Just trying to get back on top of life again. Waiting for the hospital bills, oy. And my husband just suddenly popped up with an abcess under a tooth that had a root canal on it 10 years ago… weird. I didn’t realize that could happen. Anyway, thankfully I was almost back on my feet by the time he went down… but now we’re also waiting for the bill from the endodontist. LOL. Good times. I don’t have much to say, but figured I should update so that you all knew I survived the surgery.


3 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. Glad you’re doing okay. I hear you on the bills, oy. A couple days before my surgery, the hospital sent me a new bill for the first surgery 9 months before…for $1,500. We thought we were done paying the bills finally for that one! Yesterday, we found out that our car brakes that we just had replaced in January were destroyed when one of the calipers failed. New rotors, brakes, and caliper $800. I have to buy tickets for me and Isaac to fly to my sister’s wedding in September – $800. And of course we’ll have bills for this surgery rolling in any day now. I’m very thankful we can pay all of our bills, don’t get me wrong. I just wish for once our money could stay in our bank account for more than a minute before just flying right out again!
    Anyway, I’m glad to hear from you. I hope you’re able to take it easy still, even with your husband under the weather. Has your family been helping out at all? Let me know if you ever watched those movies we talked about on Netflix – I want to know if you liked them!
    (hugs) and lots of ❤

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