No Heartbeat

So pretty much a crappy morning. The ultrasound showed an egg sac, and maybe the beginnings of a yolk sac, and we couldn’t see a fetus at all, and there was no heartbeat. He said it would be normal if I were only 5 weeks along… but even though my dates are so uncertain, he still says that there hasn’t been enough growth since last week for him to think it’s viable. He says he is quite certain that this is looking like miscarriage, but he will give me one more week to be sure. He said “pray for a miracle, but don’t count on it.” Yep. This rollercoaster. I hope it has a happy ending. But today is crappy.

Oh and they took more blood. He says if my hcg is already falling, or hasn’t gone up like it should have, then he’ll just call it a miscarriage now and have me stop the progesterone and wait for the miscarriage to happen. So if I update later today, then it won’t be a good update. (hcg was 1250, so still rising correctly… but they said not to let that make me hope.)

Anyway, I’m still trying to have the faith to pray for a miracle. We’ll see…


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