Not So Good

So my bloodwork is looking bad. I’m a little devastated actually. 2 days ago my hcg was at 78.7, and my progesterone was just over 10. They wanted both of them to double by today. And yeah, that didn’t happen. Hcg rose only very slightly, to 95.1… and the progesterone actually fell to 7.25. Sonofabitch. They said it’s too soon to “give up entirely” yet… but we’re not far off from that point. More bloodwork Saturday. If it doesn’t turn around dramatically they want to give me a shot to force miscarriage because of the risk of ectopic at this point. I know that some doctors will prescribe progesterone to try to save a pregnancy… but this doctor feels strongly that falling progesterone is a symptom of miscarriage, and not the cause. He feels you do more harm than good by giving progesterone. I really trust him, but I’ve only ever heard the complete opposite of what he’s saying. I don’t know if I should go to the pharmacy and see if there’s something over the counter that I can take… or if that would indeed be dangerous because of the risk of ectopic. Just too emotional and upset to make any good decisions right now. So lost. I have no idea what to do. 


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