Update BFP

Okay… If you didn’t read the last post, you’ll be a little lost, sorry. Anyway, I got in to see my RE. I called when they first opened and they said “come in right now.” Of course, threat of ectopic pregnancy… what else are they going to say?

Had an ultrasound which showed that nothing catastrophic has happened yet. No rupture or anything. Other than that, it’s too soon to see anything. My uterus and lining and all that look like they should in early pregnancy… so that’s good, but not definitive.

The doc said I have 3 possibilities going on here, and it’s just too soon to know which one it is. #1- I could be having a miscarriage. #2- I could be ectopic. #3 – I could have a “normal” pregnancy, and in that case the pain was most likely from having a “twisted ovary” which has now resolved on its own.

So for now the plan is follow me very closely. Bloodwork every 2 days. I had my baseline today. HCG is at 78.7 which is low … they wanted to see at least 100. Progesterone is also low at 10.53 where they wanted at least 15. High enough to not mean that there is definitely a problem, but low enough to make all of us nervous… especially me.  But what really matters is the rise. If the numbers double nicely in 2 days then I can breathe… if not, then that’s … I don’t want to think about it. Next bloodwork on Thursday. If my hcg levels rise dramatically then it is more likely to be a normal pregnancy… once the level hits 2,000 he will do another ultrasound to confirm that the baby is in a “safe” area to grow. If my hcg drops then it’s most likely a miscarriage, but he would want to give me a “shot” to force a faster miscarriage anyway, just because of the risk of ectopic. And if my hcg just sort of stays about the same, then it’s most likely ectopic… they will also do another ultrasound to confirm that one. Then they would most likely give me that shot to force a miscarriage and avoid surgery, unless it gets too big too fast.

So bloodwork every 2 days until they can see a definite pattern, then ultrasound to confirm diagnosis… then who knows. Waiting and praying. Still hoping for a positive outcome.

Does anyone have any chocolate?


4 thoughts on “Update BFP

  1. ohmygosh!ohmygosh!ohmygosh!!! AAACK! SOOOOO excited about the double lines. So biting my teeth with anxiety over how this will all turn out. Of course I am hoping and praying for the best for you. EEEK! (And that is saying a lot from me – I am not a screamer nor am I typically very excitable…)

    CONGRATULATIONS on GETTING pregnant – however it ends up. I might cry in frustration for not knowing whether or not I can be completely happy for you or not.

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