!!!!! But wait… I’ve been spotting pretty heavily and having severe abdominal pain. In fact, I only took the pregnancy test to “prove” to myself that I was just having endometriosis pain…. and that I wasn’t having an ectopic pregnancy… because I have been having all the symptoms for it. 

Even at that… I don’t think I’m ectopic. I really don’t. But I need to get into the doctor anyway, just to be sure. I’ve never had pain like this before. I have spent the last several days, doubled up on the sofa, too nauseated to sit up and too much pain to walk. Aching all the way down my legs. There’s also the possibility that it’s pain from having the uterus grow, and breaking up all the adhesions and scar tissue from the c-sections and endo. That’s supposed to cause pain as well. So, please pray. I’m going to the call the doctor’s office as soon as they open up this morning. 

But yeah, this morning… two beautiful lines! I’m happy and thankful and a little scared. My normal OB is kind of a stinker. He doesn’t like to do any bloodwork unless he absolutely has to. I don’t get it. But I know I always have to fight with him to get anything done… especially an initial hcg and progesterone… he usually refuses to even do it. So I’m tempted to just call the RE. I know the fertility treatments failed, but this is only 1 month out from being a patient there… I’m hoping they’ll do at least my bloodwork anyway… and maybe even an ultrasound to make sure there’s not a baby growing in my fallopian tubes. I feel peaceful and okay… but I am also pretty nervous… I just want to know that everything is okay. 

So details… totally TMI and just for my own record…

CD 14-17 …. I had very strong indications of ovulation. The sharp ovary pain, just like when taking the gonal shots. Lots of EWCM. So we BD every day throuch CD20 just in case. LOL.

CD 21- 30… all the usual PMS/ fake pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, tender bbs, etc. Getting slightly weaker by CD29, and leaving entirely on CD30. 

CD30… Lots of spotting. Heavy spotting. All dark and old. But constantly there, all day, and not just a little. Totally expecting AF any second.

CD31… Excruciating pain, nausea, weakness, dizziness… on the couch unable to function. No more bleeding. Same but maybe slightly better CD32… but starting to have tender bbs again, just very slight. And even slightly better than that CD33, and a little more bb tenderness, enough to start wondering if “maybe.” Pregnancy test at 5am on CD34. BFP! That would probably be somewhere between 17-20dpo, depending on when I actually ovulated… which is uncertain. I’m guessing close to 17dpo? Maybe even 16dpo? 

So it’s CD34 and about 17dpo??? Tender bbs, but not awful. Super nauseated, but I think that’s from lack of sleep? I don’t think it’s morning sickness yet. Anyway, if everything is okay, I’d be due right around Valentine’s Day… give or take a little. I’m still in shock.


One thought on “BFP

  1. Praying for you! Also crying a little bit, just hoping for the best. Go see whoever will take you and show you that a sweet little baby is in-utero!

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