Just got back from my follicular ultrasound. I have 2 follicles on the left ovary that are 20mm and 24mm. Which is excellent. 🙂 They only have to be 16mm to say that they “could be viable.” There’s still no guarantee with nice big ones, but statistically they are more likely to be viable. Then I have a couple 13mm, also on the left ovary… and some smaller ones on the right ovary. So we’re set to do the trigger shot tonight to force ovulation… then insemination on Wednesday morning.

I asked the nurse if there was anything I could do to try and help with implantation… she said that I could try taking a baby aspirin daily. She said there’s no real proof it helps, but that some people swear by it… and in any case it won’t hurt. So I’m taking that now. She said that the biggest thing is to try and get blood flow to the uterus… so rub your belly, visualization, whatever works for you… And I’m wondering… totally TMI…. doesn’t make blood flow increase, er, down there? I didn’t think to ask her… but perhaps… anything that will help, right? 🙂

If this one doesn’t work, then we’re done… because the doctors don’t have anything else that they can do for us, and we can’t afford adoption right now either since we just spent all this money on fertility treatments. Hubby says we’ll still try on our own without medication or doctors… but this is the best shot we’ve got. So we’re putting all our energy and faith into having this time work. 

On a side note… They will do the actual blood test for pregnancy on my birthday. I’ll find out on my 38th birthday if I will ever have more children… also that’s 4 days before Mother’s Day this year… so, um, yeah… hoping it’s a good news birthday present. 🙂 I know that kind of stuff doesn’t really matter to any of this… but the little child inside of me says, “but it’s my birthday!” LOL. As if somehow that will make it HAVE TO work… you know, as a birthday present. Oy. I need therapy. 


One thought on “Follicles

  1. Sorry for the crappy commenting lately, but I have been reading along and thinking of you! I’m so sorry the last cycle didn’t work, but YAY for good follies! Really hoping you get the best birthday present!! (and you and I have birthdays pretty close together, so that’s cool ;))

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