Still Kicking

So I decided to do a post just because the last one was a little too sad. LOL. I’m still just about in the same place with it, but have successfully (for the most part) decided not to think about it until I have to. Head down, push through, and see what happens. 🙂

As far as this being the very last chance… that’s according to the doctors. They won’t even be willing to try further treatments with us. BUT my husband said that doesn’t mean that WE can’t still just try on our own. So if it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll still be charting and watching, and whatnot… But I don’t want to think about that right now. LOL. 

We have been nothing but sick ever since starting these treatments. Seriously I’ve never had such a non-stop stream of illness hit my house before. Ugh. But I did get my tomatoes planted. Yay! And hubby is about 90% done building/assembling the kid’s new swingset/slide thingy. They LOVE it! And really it helps with homeschooling because it gives us options for break/recess. Today we’re supposed to go to my niece’s birthday party today at a bouncy house. Normally I wouldn’t mind… oh who am I kidding? I hate this kind of crap, lol… but especially today. Strung out on hormones, so sick that I haven’t sat up straight for a few days, and Easter tomorrow… I haven’t done one single thing to get ready for Easter yet, sigh. Too sick. And now going to a crapping bouncy house and then people coming over to my dirty house… and then go to the store and try to get ready for Easter? Ugh. Okay, I’m complaining again. Sorry. I wanted a more positive post. I don’t feel all depressed. I’m actually in quite a good mood, considering. Just tired… and sick… but it’s a beautiful day outside, and I just had my hair done again so I feel all fresh and pretty. 🙂

Oh and CD10, and I just started dripping EWCM like a faucet this morning. Yesterday I was dry as a desert, and today, niagra falls. LOL. Gross, but trying to keep track. Ovulation test was negative, but it looks like maybe my body is working on some eggs anyway. 🙂


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