This 2ww is taking forever. For.ev.er. I can’t believe I’m only 5dpo. LOL. 

So my symptoms from the trigger shot are starting to go away, slowly. So I’m watching closely to see if anything starts to increase, rather than decrease, as a possible sign of success. 

One weird thing is that I’ve been cramping pretty seriously for a few days. Friday was so bad that I could barely walk. But I actually think it’s endo pain??? I’m new to knowing that I have endo, so all the pain I’m used to having I always assumed was just the pcos. But based on what the doctor told me about endo symptoms, this pain fits the bill. It was super bad on Friday, 3dpo… I’m wondering if it’s a good sign, or a bad sign, or completely random. Here’s my crazy thought on it… if you get a fertilized egg, it has to travel back through the f tubes before it can implant… while it’s traveling, it’s sending off hormone signals to make your body increase your uterine lining so it’s nice and thick to support implantation. So… in my crazy, non-medical, I-only-think-this-because-it-gives-me-hope type of thinking… maybe I have a fertilized egg sending off that signal, and maybe my body is responding to  it, and over responding via endo issues… I don’t know. I’m crazy. Does endo flare up at the beginning of pregnancy as the lining is getting thicker? Or does it just flare up after ovulation in general? Or just whenever it feels like it? I’m too new to this diagnosis. I need to do some Dr. Goo.gle research on it. 🙂

So the excitement here, yesterday my 2 year old girl was running through the kitchen, bare foot, and tripped on nothing… seriously nothing was there to trip on, just the floor… she face planted and started crying. I thought she was just scared or a little hurt from the fall at first. But she wouldn’t stop crying. And she’s pretty tough, it’s not like her to carry on over a boo boo… over not getting her way, oh yeah, she’ll let you have it for hours if she’s angry… but crying because she’s hurt? Almost never. Then she wouldn’t walk, or even stand on one foot. She wouldn’t put weight on it at all. She started grabbing her big toe and sobbing. She wouldn’t let anyone touch it or look at it. So I knew something was wrong and took her to the ER because the pediatrician’s office was closed. She broke her toe. Seriously! Broke her big toe… by running in the kitchen and tripping on nothing. How does that even happen? And what do I do to keep it from happening again? She trips like that all the time. She just gets running too fast and can’t control it. Do I need to start having her in shoes all the time now? Ugh. I hate shoes. 

So the hospital wanted to get her one of those big ugly black boot type things that people wear after foot surgery. The didn’t want to cast her foot for just one toe, but they felt like she needed more protection than just taping and an ace bandage. Well, they don’t stock the boots in her size. So we are just buddy taping her toes and wrapping her foot. It isn’t working so well. She keeps knocking her toe on things or getting it caught in the blanket or whatever. I’m wondering if I could order one of those boots in her size? They won’t let me put shoes on her until the toe heals because they said it will squeeze the toes together and make it heal incorrectly. But she needs something more to protect that little piggie. Hmmm. I’ll call the pediatrician in the morning and see what they recommend. Anyway that’s about it for now. Still a week away from being able to test for pregnancy. Gotta find something to do to keep my mind off of it. It’s easier to wait when you’re distracted. 🙂


One thought on “5dpo

  1. Poor baby. My toddler is always falling and now she refused to wear shoes around the house; I don’t blame her. Hope she feels better, it is so hard to see them in pain.

    Fingers crossed for 2ww. It seem to keep coming so very often for you. Gone are your long cycles. Go hormones 🙂

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