So I took the giant trigger shot of hcg yesterday to force ovulation. And you know, it’s hcg, so my body is all funky and thinking it’s pregnant. So I’m totally swollen and puffy, and my whole body feels like a bruise… plus full on morning sickness. But no biggie, right? Happens every cycle and it goes away, so whatever. But then I woke up this morning with a migraine… a real, honest to goodness migraine… the type that I haven’t had in a few years, since figuring out my food allergies. 

I lay in bed fighting it forever, soaking in sweat, head pounding, aching over every inch of my body, and nausea just rolling over me. Finally I couldn’t put it off anymore and I had to get up and go to the clinic for the artificial insemination. I knelt at the toilet one last time to say goodbye, grabbed a big tupperware bowl for the car trip just in case I didn’t make it to the next toilet, and headed out the door with double vision to drive across town. Yeah. It was awesome. Good thing I borrowed my mom’s car, because she’s old and has an old lady car, so everyone expects the car to be going slow. I drove very slowly and carefully, and I didn’t even puke on the way.

I get in for the insemination and she can’t get the speculum in. Like, she totally can’t get it in, and I’m dying… DYING!!! She says “I think you’re actually quite swollen.” Yeah, it happens to me with hcg, but I didn’t know I was that swollen. So she had to go out and find another speculum, but even with that one it was a good 5 minutes of digging to get it in place. Holy ouchie. I was almost in tears, and I almost puked on her. At least it distracted me from the migraine for a few minutes. Got the sperm in, drove home slowly, and crashed on the couch all day… getting up only to do the very minimum required to keep myself and my children alive and happy and fed. LOL. And I’m bleeding… not just spotting… full on bleeding. I’m sure it’s from the brutal speculum stuff, probably just my cervix being angry… but still makes me nervous. Blood is never a good thing with fertility treatments. It isn’t like a period, I’m sure it’s fine… but wow, it’s been quite a day. 

This is my first time sitting up without puking all day. My cute little 2 year old daughter tried to take care of me, so sweet. 🙂 And I think I need to lie down again. I’ll update again later. 


3 thoughts on “Ouch…

  1. Hope you feel better soon. You just gave me a flash back from my IUI back in 2009, I wasn’t on any hormone but just hated the process. I don’t know how you do it. Praying that this pays off.

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