That Was Fast…

So today was supposed to be my last FSH shot, with an ultrasound tomorrow to check on follicles and then see what to do. But I got a positive OPK (ovulation) test this morning. So hubby stayed with the kids while I drove break neck speed to the fertility clinic for an ultrasound and bloodwork. I know I shouldn’t speed, but I was anxious and excited and hormonal… and my better excuse is that hubby really needed to get to work, so I NEEDED to hurry. 🙂

Anyway, I  have 6 follicles. 2 are tiny and don’t count. One is just barely too small to count (about a 12mm). Then 3 possibly viable eggs! 🙂 At 15, 17, and 19mm! Also it looks like I’m ovulating now, but it isn’t exactly clear… the labs were a little off, my LH not quite high enough to say for sure… so they had me take the big hcg trigger shot to force ovulation, just in case… and insemination is scheduled for tomorrow morning! Then because of the imprecise ovulation timing this cycle, they want me to follow up the artificial insemination with lots of “old fashioned,” “at home” type of insemination. LOL. So insemination tomorrow morning, then timed intercourse tomorrow night, the next morning, and the next night. You know, just in case I ovulate a little later than expected… just keep the supply side up while we wait. Sperm can live inside a uterus for 24-48 hours… whereas an egg usually bites it within 8-12 hours. You just always want to have some sperm at the ready, just in case. 🙂

I’m all hopeful and giddy again today. Dreading the 2 week wait. Hoping it goes by quickly this time. And really hoping this cycle works!!! Also, the crazy inside part of my brain that gets all excited at the sound of 3 possible good eggs… could we maybe have twins??? Oh please, oh please, oh please. LOL. I’m getting so far ahead of myself. Just focus on getting through it and hoping it’s successful. 


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