If I could be a billionaire and not worry about money at all, this is what I would want… LOL. 

1. A beautiful home that looks all old and Victorian-style, but is fully renovated and functioning inside, like no outdoor plumbing! LOL. With a big porch and all those twirly whirly pretties on all the corners, and crown molding inside, and a giant oversized bathtub. Enough bedrooms, bathrooms, living space,and STORAGE, and a nice big room for homeschooling. With big hydrangea bushes and beautiful flowers out front, and a white picket fence.

2. On at least a full acre, fully fenced and landscaped. Lots of room for a really nice garden and fruit tree orchard, with grape vines and berry patches. Big herb garden area, and homegrown medicinal plants and flowers popping up in random places.

3. A big play area, swingset type mini-park set up in the backyard for the kids. Especially with homeschooling, I really want a place for them to have daily “recess.” 

4. A dog. A big one… or a few of them. I love English Mastiffs, but they are a little much for my husband, who is more of the teacup poodle (or better yet, no dog at all) type of person. But maybe I could convince him about a Swissy? At least they don’t drool. All dogs are indoor animals. I don’t believe in keeping animals outside, except for…

5. A chicken coop with lots of chickens. Maybe goats. You know, farm-light. I’d love to be all grungy and go off the grid and fully homestead, but I’m just not cut out for that crap. LOL. 

6. A root cellar, or at least a nice area of indoor cold storage that would work in a similar manner.

7. Easy access to the backyard from the main floor. Like open the deck/french doors and have a deck with only 2 or 3 steps until there’s grass. Maybe a mud room? 

8. I really want a giant pantry with a lot of extra counter space. So I have a place to keep all my canned/preserved food, and all of my freaking appliances!!! Every time I grind wheat and have to lug that monster out and heft it onto the counter, every time, I dream about having a counterspace in a closing pantry where it can just have a permanent home and I can leave it set up and just close the door (noise and dust) for when I’m grinding wheat. 

Anyway those are my dreams. LOL. Pretty lame. But they just sound heavenly to me. We’re looking into possibly moving in the next about 5 years or so. Not immediate, but definitely in the somewhat near future. Looking around at what’s out there… kind of depressing. LOL. I did find two different ones in our price range that I’d be happy with, one is a better set up… as far as practicality, space, and outdoor needs… the other has the potential to be almost as good outdoors/setup, but is already all Victorian looking. Neither one will be available by the time we’re ready to buy, but it’s fun to look and dream anyway. 🙂

Oh one last request, my best friend and neighbor who also homeschools with me… E, she must move in next door. She can never leave me! LOL. 


One thought on “Dreaming

  1. I think you just listed all of the things I day dream about all day. Except for the Mastiff, too big, haha. I did look up Swissies though and they are beautiful dogs. *Sigh* I just keep telling myself, someday. Maybe.

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