Updates and Random Stuff

1.   So I’m starting all the meds for the next iui cycle today. It’s a strange feeling, because I know how crazy and sick I’m about to be. Kind of like when you first think you’re about to have the stomach flu and you’re all, “Ugh. I do NOT want to go through that again.” LOL. Yep. That’s about where I’m at.  So I made an extra large dinner tonight… totally so I won’t have to cook again for a couple days. Then I have the stuff to make another “double” dinner in a few days. We will live on leftovers this week… and possibly cold cereal. I’m just planning ahead. 🙂 At least I know this time how I’m going to be by the end of the week.

2.   In other news… we’ve been down and sick forever at my house. Seriously, we are never sick. Really we’re very healthy most of the time. But for some reason we just can’t get past illness this past month or so. Stomach flu twice. Pink eye. Respiratory flu. Ear infection. UTI. And now I think my sister just gave us strep. For yayness! 🙂 We went to visit her, and she now has strep and we now have sore throats. It’s just the first day of it, so maybe it’s something else… but it seems pretty likely that it’s strep. So tired of being sick. 

3.   Also my computer died, then my husband’s computer died… then I was using my phone for a few weeks, which just doesn’t work well for blogging. And now I’m on an old laptop that’s really slow and crappy, but at least it isn’t a phone, right? 

Boy this sounds depressing and negative. Sorry. I don’t feel that way. Just giving updates and reasons for being MIA from the blog and from reading your blogs. 

4.   If I can get feeling better, I am dying to get outside and clean up the garden area. Gotta get more good compost down, and fix some of the drip line (water supply). I need to get those tomato plants in the ground (under wall-o-waters) by the middle of April at least. We’ll probably have a very small garden this year… well, small for us. Meaning only 5 or 6 tomato plants, 1 zucchini, 1 cucumber, and then my herbs. After the giant garden we’ve been doing for the last few years (plus growing from seed inside with heirloom only seeds), that feels like I’m almost not going to do a garden… it feels like nothing. LOL. But we just decided that we are so focused this year on trying to get a baby here…. and if we are successful, I’m almost always put on bed rest throughout because of recurrent issues, and I just can’t reliably promise to do all that canning and preserving this year. So if we end up without a pregnancy, I’ll probably be pretty pissed that I didn’t plant a giant garden again. But if it happens the other way, and I’m just too sick to preserve anything, and all of my beautiful garden goes to waste and rots on the vine… that would make me super depressed. I love my garden. So we’re playing it safe. 🙂 Just the essentials… Mr. Stripey, Cherokee Purple, Sun Sugar… I can survive the summer if I just have those 3… 2 of each, LOL. 🙂

5.   And good news… many of my herbs survived the winter! 🙂 Winter savory of course survived, so did the arp rosemary, the English thyme, fennel, and I think the oregano and the parsley are coming back as well. 🙂 Just waiting for the dill to reseed itself, then I’ll get some good compost down again and put in the basil, which never survives. Love having fresh herbs! One day I’ll grow them inside during the winter and not kill them. It’s funny, I can grow almost anything outside… but I can kill almost anything inside. 🙂 

6.   Homeschooling is going really well. We are loving it! 🙂 And there’s a good little community of homeschoolers close by. Now that it’s warming up I’m expecting that we’ll be coordinating field trips, parties, and play dates together again. My little boy is a couple grade levels ahead in reading, and right on track with everything else. He loves to read! 🙂 You don’t know how happy that makes me. My mom is a literature teacher, so reading is essential in my life. We’re using a curriculum that is very “classical education” oriented, and focuses largely on learning language skills using real literature instead of textbooks. It’s well done and wonderful. The only thing I’m wishing I could do is afford a big playset for the backyard for recess time. We have a little crappy thing, but it just isn’t enough now that he’s bigger. I’d settle for something decent and affordable, but my husband thinks that’s throwing away money, and he wants to save up for a big beasty real metal type thing that would actually be found in a school yard or nice park. Yikes! It would be super cool, but I would rather have something sooner that is just normal for normal domestic use. 🙂 We’ll see… 

7.   We’ve always had a lot of books in my house, but when we started homeschooling I decided that we needed to really have a lot of books. So hubby gets paid every other week, and I have budgeted 30-45 bucks per pay period toward buying books, mainly high quality children’s books, to add to our library. And can I just say that I’m a genius!!! 🙂 We have so many amazing and wonderful books now! I got suggestions from friends, and suggestions from the place where we buy our classical curriculum, and I still have about a billion more books on my “wish list.” We’re just working down through the list and it is so nice! Such a good feeling to have all these wonderful books in my home. Yes, I’m a nerd, an insufferable nerd… but I really love books! And just seeing them here, and watching my kids be excited to read them, it just really makes me happy. 🙂


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