Negative blood test

So I had a quantitative hcg blood test done today. My level is less than .5… which is basically nothing. I am now 1 day late for my AF. I usually have a really short luteal phase, like 8 days, so I’m really more late than just 1 day, but doesn’t really matter. We know I ovulated so I have to have a period or a pregnancy. Just waiting forever to find out which one it is. Forever.

I don’t really have any symptoms right now. The bleeding stopped, wasn’t really bleeding but still. It’s gone. I have cramps like I’m already n AF, but no bleeding. I’m stuck in between wanting to hold out hope and have faith… and not wanting to be hurt anymore.

With both of my kids I didn’t get a bfp until I was at least a week late for AF. I even had a false negative blood test with my son when I was already late for AF. So I have some reason to hope, but not much. Anyway, just waiting… trying not to be too sad, or too optimistic. Melancholy…


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