Schedule for IUI

Here’s my boring post. Really boring. I’m just going to write dates and doses here… totally for my own record. So that if this cycle works, I can remember what we did and hopefully use it again in a few years to refer to. 🙂

January 31 – we dubbed CD3, even though it was really cd50-something. Fem.ara, 2 pills once a day through CD7.

CD7 (Feb4) – Last dose of fem.ara with first dose of f at 150IU, within an inch of belly button.

CD9 – injection. CD10 – ovulation testing (from now until the end). CD11 – injection. 

CD13 – ultrasound. 2 follicles at about 12mm each, with several tiny little things scattered around. Continue injections at 150IU, now daily.

CD14 – injection. CD15 – ultrasound, no growth on 2 main follicles… none! Some growth on other smaller ones, now with several measuring 7mm range. Increase injection dose to 225IU.

CD16 – injection. Start period. CD1. 

CD17/CD2/Feb 13th – ultrasound to confirm AF. Lining is gone, follicles dying back. Begin over tomorrow/CD3.

CD3/Feb 14th – Oral fem.ara, 2 tabs once a day. Oral dex.ameth.azone, 1 tab twice a day at 1mg each. 

CD4, 5, 6 – fem.ara and dexa.methazone. 

CD7 – Last dose fem.ara. Still dexameth.azone, adding f injection at 200IU.

CD8 – Dexa only.

CD9 – Dexa and injection. Nice ewcm happening.

CD10 – Dexa and ovul.ation test (testing until end of cycle). Wow, that’s a lot of ewcm.

CD11 – Dexa and injection. It was the last injection in the vial and there was a little extra, so I used it… um about the 225IU mark? Hey it was almost $500, I’m not wasting this stuff. LOL.

CD12 – Dexa and ultrasound. One large, beautiful follicle… about 24mm!!!  Trigger shot of hcg between 6pm and 10pm tonight to force ovulation. (10,000IU)

CD13 – Rest and try to relax.

CD14 / Feb26 – IUI procedure… insemination… aka, my date with a tube. Hubby gives his “sample” at 8:30am. I get the tube at 10am. 

Trigger shot hcg stays in system for 12 days post injection. Unable to test for pregnancy until it clears system entirely, or get a false positive. Try to wait 14 days after iui… Ha! Yeah, I’ll try…


One thought on “Schedule for IUI

  1. WOW, so much happened in the last few days. Congrats on the beautiful follicle. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I don’t know how you are going make it through the 2ww. You need to take up a few hobbies over the next few days to keep your mind off it and also away from pregnancy sticks. I suggested you give your hubby the pregnancy sticks 🙂

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