The new RE

I just got back from our first appointment with the new RE. He’s nice. Very talkative and friendly. I like that, it kinda irritates my husband… but let’s face it, I will be the one getting all the shots and crap so he can suck it up. 🙂 

We did some tests today while there, the usual blood work and an internal ultrasound…. confirming that yes I do have pcos, but that everything else looks good. Size, shape, lining, egg supply, etc… and that there is no endometriosis inside my ovaries… because, wait for it, he thinks I also have endo. I guess a bunch of symptoms that I thought were pcos related, are actually the big ones for endo… (poop pain, period pain, and s.e.x pain… who knew?). He doesn’t want to do a scope to confirm because he doesn’t see any inside on the ultrasound. I’m okay with that, because I don’t want surgery, I don’t want to waste time, and I don’t think I can handle feeling like I have “for sure” another reason why this will be any more difficult than it already is. Possibility of endo is much nicer to think about than confirmed diagnosis. 

Waiting on another hsg and semen analysis… then I think we’re moving forward… and assuming there are no surprises I’m pretty sure we’ll opt to go with IUI with the full contingent of shots/hormones. I’m hoping to get all of this done in time for a February “deposit” of sperm. But who knows what will actually happen. Thankfully (??) because of the pcos I am on something like CD50… actually I stopped counting. I know I’m supposed to be charting, but I got depressed. So let’s just say it’s been a while. Anyway because of that, I don’t have to wait for a certain CD in order to do any of the tests. So there’s no waiting on this end. And that is nice at least. I’m rather impatient in general, and all of this is giving me anxiety and weepy emotions. Best to just plunge in. 

Oh and of course, “if you could just lose 10% of your body weight…” which is a constant refrain from friends, family, and doctors. I tried to talk to him about what options might work for me, given my medical history. He acted like he knew what hashimoto’s was, but then followed up by asking me if I’ve had my thyroid checked. lol. Yep, after a 5 minute discussion about it. Whatever. I also explained the different strategies I’ve tried, most especially 6 months with nothing but vegetables, chicken breast, no salt, some olive oil, and some fruit….no grains, no sugar, nothing yummy…  and no weight lost after the initial 10 pounds of water weight which came back as soon as the “cleanse” portion was done. 6 months of eating like that and no weight loss… all he could say was that if I really wanted it and was really committed to it then it would happen. “Maybe your heart just isn’t in it… and you know olive oil isn’t really healthy, don’t you?” *facepalm* I guess I’m used to it, but still disappointed. Someone who has never lived in a diseased body just will never “get it.” 

So I guess that’s it. Things are okay here. We keep getting sick. Just can’t shake it for long. Like 3 days of feeling better before it starts coming back again. Blergh. So nothing else exciting, I’m too tired for anything else. 🙂


One thought on “The new RE

  1. Your RE not knowing what hashimoto’s is disturbing. Wow, the insensitivity about the weight thing is crazy. I am sorry. Hope you start treatment soon. So exciting to try something else. Your ovaries need to cooperate though, boy cd50, that is crazy, don’t blame you for not charting.

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