Warning, I’m just venting like crazy over here today.

Okay, so right after I promised I wouldn’t do it, of course I broke down and POAS. BFN… of course. I didn’t really expect it to be anything different. But honestly, I’m going on over 2 months of solid nausea. I wake up every morning and even when I have enough energy, I cry to think I have to get out of bed… because my insides feel like they’re vibrating, and every time I move at all, I think I’m going to hurl.  Anyone else with this crap would at least be pregnant to get it.

As I force myself up, I start to get a bit better. I can ease into the day, but I can’t eat anything for hours. Around lunch I usually force myself to eat something, and immediately regret it. Have to lie down for a while, get up and make dinner and force myself to eat again. Still sick all night too.

Any normal woman with this would automatically think pregnancy. This is classic morning sickness for me. But I’m not pregnant. I keep checking and checking. No baby. (sad) We’re still trying but the odds are not so good. I’m 8dpo now and had a little spotting yesterday. So I guess there’s a possibility… but the probability is just not there. I’m still hoping… but that doesn’t explain what’s been going on.

The doctors are clueless. Where to begin with constant nausea? Probably hormones. PCOS is a ruthless wench. But all the docs want to do is throw pills and hormones supplements at me, and I’ve been there before, it only makes things worse.

But seriously!!!! I am SO SICK AND TIRED  OF WANTING TO PUKE ALL THE TIME!!! If I could at least be pregnant for it, then at least there would be a “good reason” or a reason to smile while I lay on the couch in a cold sweat, shaking.  This is getting ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Complaining

  1. That sucks! And ridiculous! (I know those “sentences” are terrible, but both statements needed an exclamation.) I’m sorry you’re feeling that way, especially when you’re trying to start a new big thing that requires a lot of time in your life. I hope you get a BFP soon or get feeling better.

  2. I am going to come to your house and throw away the pregnancy sticks for you :). Wow, I can’t imagine having nausea on a daily bases with no pregnancy to blame it on, that is horrible. Hoping this cycle is the one. Hang in there. Hugs.

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