Getting It

I love homeschooling. I know it’s my first year and we just started, but it is so liberating and peaceful. My family gets along so much better. We are more joyful and have less arguments. Less stress to be on time to a myriad of different things. And I am continually amazed at how quickly my son is learning. Part of it is that he’s just that smart. 😉 And part of it is that because I’m homeschooling, I am able to take the time he needs to explain anything he doesn’t quite get… or when he gets bored and mentally checks out I have the ability to stop and find a way to get him interested again…. whereas in public school the teacher would most likely just keep plowing on with the material… and really they have to do that to survive what with classroom size and different regulations, their hands are tied.  But I love that I can tell when I’ve lost him, and try to find a way to get him back on board. It’s awesome! And because of it, he is learning really so fast. It’s been wonderful so far! 

But I sense a pattern emerging here. Every week, when I get through with homeschooling, I feel a huge amount of relief. Like “Phew! That’s over.”  And I spend an hour reading a book that I like, or cleaning the house, or whatever… when suddenly it hits me “Aaaaaaah! I don’t have ANY lesson plans made up for next week yet!” And I have to put everything down and spend a few hours going through material and getting my lesson plans together.

Some of you might not need to do this, but it’s just how my brain works. I’ve taught for years and I’m a good teacher, but I suck hardcore if I’m not mentally prepared for each lesson. And we do 5 subjects a day right now. I have to make 5 lesson plans for every day. It’s a lot of work and I wish I had that time to free play with my kids or do something for myself. And my husband wishes I had that time to clean the house or make more meals, ha! 🙂

I am sure that with time and experience, I’ll be able to significantly reduce the amount of time I spend in prep. I’m hoping I’ll be back to a more “normal” schedule within just a few weeks. What I really need is to find a way to do a little lesson planning every night. But honestly by the time I’ve taught all day, and then rushed through the evening to get everything done that has to be done, and finally get the kids in bed…. I just want to fall in bed too. The last thing I want to do is stay up for even another hour to study and prepare. If I stay up it’s usually for something a bit relaxing or fun… and even then I usually pass in favor of sleep.

But seriously, the payoff is worth it!!! Every time the school bus passes my house, I feel peace and security wash over me. My children are already home. Every time someone complains on social media about something at the school, or the new school lunch program, or a teacher, or even says they’re glad it’s Friday because they’ll get to see their kids again…. I feel a warm glow inside. I am doing the right thing here. Every day proves it to me a little more. It just feels so peaceful and good… wholesome even. 🙂 Now I just need to whip myself into shape so I can get those lesson plans done faster and get back to goofing off time with the kids! That’s my goal right now… I think playing with kids is very important. I spend most of the day being teacher, most of the evening being frantic housewife making dinner and cleaning. I’m hoping as I get into the groove and find a rhythm that I’ll be able to find a large amount of time every day to just play with the kids again… and perhaps read a book for myself. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting It

  1. Wow, so much to do. I am glad you are settling well with homeschooling. It must be such a rewarding experience. With time I am sure you will figure out a flow to handle all. For now just push the dust under the table :).
    By the way, Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It means a lot.

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