Homeschool Room Reveal!

So I start my first year of homeschooling TOMORROW! Eeeeeeek! Excited and overwhelmed. But mainly excited.

It’s taken a lot of time to get the room all set up and ready. The biggest problem by far was trying to find a good table for homeschooling. I have 2 children… hoping for more still, stupid infertility… but only one of them is school age. And he is quite tall for his age. The standard children’s 20″ tabletop is way too short for him. However the standard dining table, which measures 30″ tall is too tall and makes it difficult for him to sit comfortably and still be able to write. So I decided he needed a table somewhere right in the middle. 25″ table height. Yeah, good luck with that! LOL. There is no such thing… unless you want an adjustable formica top table that is UGLY sitting in your house… and at the size I was wanting, I’d have to pay almost $400 for a table that I hated. Lame. Also, never going to happen.

So in the end, this is what we came up with.


Finished Room

My husband made that table. Isn’t he amazing!!! It’s 4ftx4ft square and just under 25″ tall.  The chairs are 16″ seat height, which is perfect for my boy. The whole thing fits perfectly and I’m so excited! It’s here!!! And not a moment too soon since I have to start school tomorrow. 🙂 Nothing like the last minute, eh.

Anyway, in case anyone wants to copy it I’m going to post some basic instructions here.

First of all we were inspired by the v.ik.a type of self assembled desks at but they didn’t have any which were the correct height, plus cha-ching!!! Holy smokes that place is not cheap.  So we adapted the basic idea we’d seen at other homeschool room blogs and made something similar, but which actually fit our needs, our child, and our budget.

So he started out with a nice piece of wood, and cut it to be a 4×4 table top. Easy.

To get the height we wanted, we bought 2 nightstands on the cheap from wa.lma.rt online where we found them 2 for 50 bucks. Cheaply made pieces of …. well, let me just say that we’ll probably replace those soon with some shelves made by my husband. But for now they work. You have to put them together, which is good because you want to leave the “top” piece off… like this…

2 night stands

Then he had to trace those drawers onto his table top so he’d know where to attach them.

tracing tabletop

Then drill holes and put in the hardware that you were supposed to use to attach the nightstand to it’s top, only use it on your table instead.

table top with inserts

Then he attached 2 legs, in opposite corners, to hold up the sides that didn’t have drawers. Plus a little lip to make it look all nice and professional and stuff.

2 legs

See how the nightstands will fit in the other corners… makes it be like two desks pushed up against each other. Anyway, then you sand, puddy, stain, and polyurethane and let it dry.  Then you add the nightstands and use the hardware that came with them in the box to attach them to the table top.

inside no chair inside with chair

We moved the plaid couch to the other room so the main table could be more centered in the room. And we put the small (20″ tall) computer table about where that couch was and then hung the whiteboard. Also with this design, the table seats 4, but only 2 of them have a drawer. We looked at making all 4 corners out of night stands, but in order to do that we would’ve needed a GIANT tabletop, like 6ft square, or there wouldn’t have been enough room for anyone to sit down. 4×4 is plenty for us.

With Computer Desk Finished Room

And that’s it! I still need to put all the books and stuff on the shelves and put together a little play area for the toddler. But I’m basically ready for tomorrow! I love the space and I LOVE the TABLE!!!



4 thoughts on “Homeschool Room Reveal!

  1. I love not just the desk but the whole space! I really look forward to hearing how this use goes for you. I hope you both love it.

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