I might just possibly be the most impatient person on the planet. Especially when it comes to waiting for internet purchases to arrive. Right now I have 4 separate orders out in cyberspace and I am obsessively clicking to see any possible status changes… yes I know I can get automatic updates, but that wouldn’t stop me from checking manually “just in case” they forgot to update…

So I’m starting my first year of homeschooling in just under 2 weeks!!! I am simultaneously so very excited, and also a bit scared to death. LOL.

I know… I absolutely KNOW that this is the right decision for my family.  But it’s still such a huge responsibility! I’m at the point of overwhelming panic that comes just before embarking on such a huge and life changing endeavor. 

I have all the curriculum! And people, I am just going to tell you that I have found the MOST remarkable and inspired curriculum in existence. No matter how panicked or overwhelmed and stressed I’m feeling, if I open these text books and start to read, I always feel the Spirit and immediately have complete peace and assurance that this is right. This path is the correct one. This curriculum is the perfect option for us. 

I’ve found a curriculum that is totally centered on God, Family, and Country. Very core values, very conservative, very Founding Fathers… it is simply amazing!  And God is in every subject. The way that they bring in values, morals, scriptural teachings… it’s just… I have no words for it. No I have one word, only one… it is inspired.  For instance, when teaching Jr. Botany (about 2nd grade level), one of the lessons is on weeds versus plants. It does all the science stuff first and for most of the lesson, but for the last 10 minutes or so you go into the spiritual side.

“When you plant a garden, can you just forget about it or do you have to take care of it to make it grow?” …

“How about a weed? If you just ignore it, will it die or flourish?” …

“Do you have any habits like that?”

Basically it gets into the fact that good habits have to be planted, nourished, and worked on… and bad habits are like weeds, if you don’t work on them they will take over. And THEN you go into the scriptures. Look up verses about bristles, thorns, weeds, wheat and tares, etc. And you learn what God says about them in the Bible. It’s amazing! I love it SO much!

I’m not being paid by them for saying it or anything… I’m just really and truly so impressed and excited! The private school that the curriculum comes from is called Kimber Academy. I don’t know if I would’ve understood how to use the textbooks if I hadn’t first gone to a 2 day training seminar this past summer, just because it’s so different from “mainstream” education… it’s so superior to it! People came from all over the country to this training and it was amazing! I’ve made some really good friends. It is coming from an LDS (Mormon) perspective, which is good since I’m LDS. Now, I’ll be clear that neither the school nor the curriculum is in any way affiliated with the church itself. Anyway, they are also coming out with a sort of non-denominational Christian version of the curriculum as well. If you’re considering homeschooling, you really should give it a look.

Anyway, that was a long digression! LOL. So the homeschool room is coming together VERY slowly! And I’m losing my mind over it!!! It’s almost like the whole “nesting” phase of pregnancy, and I’m 2 weeks from the due date and nothing is put together… yeah, I feel like I’m bringing a baby home with no crib!  I know we’ll get there, and probably even in time, but right now I’m going nuts with the details and with waiting!

Hubby and I have very different opinions when it comes to décor and furniture.  We’ve gone back and forth SO much on what kind of desks and chairs… white board versus chalk board… everything you can imagine. So we’re finally on the same page and have ordered everything in… now I’m just in a holding pattern… waiting for everything to get here so it can be assembled and put in place… hopefully BEFORE I need to start school.

Also, because we couldn’t decide on any table… my awesome super cool husband is BUILDING one for us!!! Seriously, how cool is that? I just hope he can do it fast enough… Nobody makes what I want, so my husband is making it for me. 🙂 Such a good man. I’ll have to post pictures and maybe even a light tutorial on it when he gets it done. The only problem is, if it goes “viral” then people will see this blog, and I really like my anonymity. I already had one blog get a lot more circulation than I was comfortable with, hence I started this blog and abandoned that one. I don’t want to go through that again… Hmmm. I’ll have to think about it.

Anyway, pretty sure this is the longest post I’ve done in a very long time. I hope it wasn’t too boring. 🙂 Just getting all excited for the new school year! I can’t wait for everything to get here, so I can get all set up and feel ready. Now if I can just figure out how to entertain my 2 year old during class time……


2 thoughts on “Impatient

  1. Hooray! So glad that you have a curriculum that you are confident in, and that you are on your way toward homeschooling. I’m not sure that I have what it takes to homeschool, or even that it’s what we want for our family, but I’m glad that the option is there. Can’t wait to see your school room.

  2. The thought of homeschooling is scary to me. I admire your dedication and excitement. Yea I get you on the Internet purchases, the wait is agonizing. I prefer to just go to the store just not to have to wait 🙂

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