Catching Eggs

So don’t you hate it… BBT charting, TTC like crazy… BD every night, and the ONE night you miss is on the day you ovulated. *facepalm* Seriously. I know it’s still possible with “night before” but it hasn’t always worked for us. Mind you, I’ll still go crazy with the possibility in a couple weeks… just really bummed today that we missed the “best” opportunity.

In other news, the sewage is all fixed and mostly cleaned up. Now we’re just trying to get the dirt back under the foundation before we have problems. And my thyroid is low, so is my iron. I guess that explains why I’ve felt like complete crap lately. Also my tooth is all snaggly again. I broke off the corner of my front tooth a while ago and the filling keeps falling out. My dentist said next time it happens I’ll have to get a crown. So it’s out, I need a crown, and he’s OUT of TOWN for a WEEK!!!! I don’t want to go to a new dentist for this, but really… I’m supposed to be teaching church on Sunday. LOL. I guess I’ll just stand up there and smile really big. 🙂

Back to the egg…. I’m debating (in my crazy frenzied mind) maybe I should try to lie down for a few days to let the egg implant. LOL. I know it won’t help… and I know my kids absolutely trump that idea… but it’s still nice to think about. Extra rest, and feeling like I have some kind of control over whether or not I get pregnant.

Also I’m gearing up for homeschool! Starting in a few weeks! Just waiting very impatiently for my curriculum books to arrive. Okay, I’m boring, but that’s my update.


2 thoughts on “Catching Eggs

  1. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you caught that little egg! And praying too. So glad to hear that you have been able to make some progress on the sewage situation. That just has to be a nightmare.

    While I’m not planning on homeschooling in a formal sense, I am going to be starting to do some structured stuff with Ginny this fall. We can’t afford to put her in preschool, so I want to make sure she gets exposed to the same kinds of learning opportunities. Good luck to you with the homeschooling!

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