Remember about a month ago, when I said we had “yuck” under our house, leaking into the crawl space? Yeah, well it’s sewage. Raw sewage. It’s a hideously long story about how we cleaned it up and “fixed” it over and over… until we finally found out last week that we have a broken sewer main leaking into our basement/crawlspace. Estimates to fix it (not clean up, just fix it) range from 6k-15k. Then there’s the clean up, and the foundation repair because the sewage spill has eroded soil from underneath our foundation. Thankfully the foundation hasn’t been damaged at all, but we need to get some dirt or concrete underneath it asap before there is damage. I can’t even express the horror, the disgust, and the hopeless feeling of having sewage leaking into your home and then having to wait until you can scrape together that kind of money just to make it stop. My mom is no longer in the basement, because of the fumes and the immediate danger of it leaking into the house proper (right now it’s just in the crawl space). But I don’t know about you, I don’t have 15k that I can just pull out of the air. The rest of the house is safe… in fact the basement is still officially “safe” to live in, but I don’t want her down there until we can’t smell it anymore. Plus if it backs up before we get the money, I don’t want her to have sewage in her bathtub. Just gross.

I’m not asking to be rich… though I’d totally accept it, LOL…. but just, I’d like to have enough money to be able to take care of things, and not have effing sewage leaks stand indefinitely until money can be found. So we’re selling a bunch of stuff and trying to scrape the money together as quickly as we can. My mom has a giant steel shed on the property that nobody is using. Brand new it costs 14k. We’re hoping to be able to sell it for at least 10k, but we have it listed for 12k. That would get us there, or mostly there depending on who we use and what happens. But I don’t know if it will sell or how soon. *help* I still have a chipped tooth, waiting on a crown until I can afford it… a POS car that isn’t going to pass inspection next month and isn’t worth sinking anymore money into, so I’ll just have no car… I still haven’t bought any of the homeschool supplies or curriculum and um, it’s freaking August already… and a billion other things that we’re just trying to figure out as we go. And I’m just…. tired, and discouraged, and just sewage? Really sewage? I know it will be okay. That it will all work out. Just, I’m tired.

On Sunday all the lessons at church were about trials and learning from them and enduring them and all that. And the theme kept coming up, “what is this trial teaching you?” Well I’ve been thinking about it, and really sewage? What is sewage teaching me? I don’t know yet, but I’m looking.


3 thoughts on “Sewage

  1. Eeeww… I’m so sorry! I remember when I was a kid living (briefly) in a house where when you flushed upstairs, the contents of the toilet ended up in the toilet downstairs. Very unpleasant, especially seeing as the downstairs bathroom was attached to my bedroom. Praying that a solution will present itself soon and clearly.

    (And again, I have to apologize for my absence. I’m just a terrible bloggy friend lately.)

  2. Oh, boy. What a disaster. Sell that house fast. Hope you manage to come up with the money. In the mean time try to stay sane. This sucks big time.

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