The Problem with a Heat Wave

I live in a 3 story house. It’s a bit older than most houses right around here and it doesn’t have any air conditioning. It doesn’t even have any duct work. So in order to put in a/c, we’d have to tear down walls and structure, and rebuild a large portion of the house itself. Yeah, not going to happen. So we’re stuck for now… One swamp cooler on the top floor trying its best to keep up with the needs of the whole house. Ugh. It’s like a hot, humid little slice of hell in my house right now.

We’re going through a big heat wave currently. In fact every day for the past, I don’t know about 2 weeks or so, every day has set a new all time record for heat. Blergh. The problem with this, from a fertility standpoint, is obvious if you’ve ever tried BBT charting. Sweating at night, kicking off the covers, getting up to turn the air on and off all night… all of these things dramatically change your morning temps. Which means that for the first time in a long time, I have NO IDEA what is going on with my body. I know that sounds typical, but really, I’m usually only wondering about certain questions… I always know when I ovulate… I don’t know when it’s coming, but I do know when it has happened… or I know reasonably well when it has happened. At this point, I definitely ovulated, but I can’t pin it down to a date… more like to a 2 week time period… of course right during the heat wave. No clue when it happened. I know we were BDing faithfully… just like always. But I don’t know when I can “go crazy” and start testing. And it is really quite unnerving.

Hubby wants me to wait until I start to like puke everywhere or something big and obvious. Of course, I want to pee on all the sticks every day all the time. Obsessive Compulsive Peeing. I should make a support group. Call it urinators anonymous or something. LOL.

So here are my stats… CD35. Somewhere between 11 and 6 dpo. Nausea, fatigue, tender bbs, and crazy irritable/emotional. All normal for me. LOL. My pms is just like early pregnancy, every month. It only counts if it lasts past 14-16 dpo. So I’m either “almost there” or “nowhere close.” When can I reasonably lose my mind and start to hope???


3 thoughts on “The Problem with a Heat Wave

  1. You could probably take one of those early detection tests in 3 days (assuming you’re closer to 6dpo and you get a stick that tests up to 5 days early, and you regularly have a 14 day luteal phase.) PEE ON ALL RHE STICKS!!! 🙂

  2. I hate peeing on a stick. I have only done it a few times and I just can not handle the BFNs so I stay away from it. I am with your husband, wait until you start pucking 🙂

  3. I start losing my mind 1 dpo, so I can’t give you any sound advice. I hope you cn find a little coolness in your life!

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