Quick Takes

So I haven’t been on in a while… big surprise I know. A lot has been going on… in fact it’s been a bit crazy here. So maybe I’ll do bullet points. 🙂

1. Hubby got offered a promotion at work! YAY!!! It’s a position that we’ve been hoping and praying for him to get. And I am very grateful for it! However, it isn’t all good news. While it’s a promotion and a small increase in pay… it’s also not what we expected. The person my hubby is replacing is leaving because his wage was a good 20k below the average for that position in this area. What he was making was still a substantial increase for us though so we were okay applying for it. But in offering the position, they totally low balled us. A full 10k below what the previous guy was making… putting us a full 30k below average for this position. *ouch* We’re still grateful for the promotion, but also feel a bit like we’ve been slapped in the face. So we’re giving it 6 months to a year to see if they bring the wage at least up to where the previous guy was at… otherwise it was just a fabulous opportunity to get this job description on his resume, and we’ll be looking for another opportunity to do the same job at a different company who will pay a more competitive wage. Either way, at least it’s something… and in this economy, I’m grateful.

2. We have been clearing out a sort of basement garage/root cellar/storage space that is in this house. My dad was a bit of a hoarder and it’s been completely filled up with odds and ends that he picked up over the years. I mean, really and truly, we’re talking an episode of hoarders here. We’ve had several econo-sized dumpsters full taken away and several loads taken to the metal recycling place… and we’re just scratching the surface. Since my dad died and my mom is living with us here, it has fallen mainly to my husband to clear everything out. So he was working on it last week and found a big old pool of black standing water in a crawl space that hasn’t been accessible for years. Also it was full of big metal I-beams that were all twisted and rusted and infested with black widow spiders. Ugh. So that’s how he spent his birthday, clearing out that mess. We called the disaster clean up people first, but they said it wasn’t actually anything dangerous and we could do it ourselves. For joy! So that whole fiasco has led to the realization that we have cracks in our front yard cement that are draining rain and sprinkler water down next to the foundation, and letting it pool just under the foundation in the crawl space. So at least nothing major is broken, but we’re still trying to figure out how to seal it back up and hubby is digging trenches to move sprinklers in the front yard, and ugh. It’s like a giant ball of tangled string. It just keeps leading us to more and more problems.

3. We decided to take a break from the disgusting underground swamp and we went to the zoo. It was wonderful! The kids had a great time and the cotton candy was good as ever. (Isn’t cotton candy the #1 reason to go to the zoo anyway?) Just as we were leaving we decided to get each of the kids a little toy from the gift shop. Well, the 2 year old was sucking on the tag of her toy and I was worried about leaving it (the tag) on while she was in her car seat. But I didn’t have scissors… So I decided to bite the tag off… And the tag won. LOL. I busted a tooth. My front tooth on top, about 1/4 of it crumbled and fell out and I walked around all weekend with a snaggle tooth.

4. The dentist fixed my snaggle tooth very quickly on Monday… but he found a different tooth that needs… wait for it… a root canal. Ugh! LOL. To be done next week and a crown to follow.

5. We’ve been seriously considering getting backyard chickens. The friend of a friend, who is moving out of state in a month, offered to give us her practically new coop for free! So that clinched it. We were getting chickens. I’d even called the breeder that had the pullets that I wanted. Thankfully I hadn’t actually gone to the city to pay the fee yet, because I got a text from her last night that since the coop is in the pictures of their property on the advertisements, they are not allowed to give it away. Anyone who makes an offer on the house officially gets the coop… and we’ll only get it if and when they say they don’t want it… So now I’m wondering if I really should have chickens or not. Not out of discouragement, but just am I ready for this? Building our own coop? Daily upkeep? I don’t know. I really want them, but they do take a lot of work and I do have poor health. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise? Letting me know I was trying to take on too much all at once? Between that and figuring out this whole homeschooling thing and doing a giant garden… maybe I would’ve gone a bit nutso trying to do it all? Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll still do it, but I’m definitely thinking twice about it now.

I guess that’s about it. It sounds depressing to read, but it didn’t feel so bad to live it… except the tooth part, I nearly cried every time I had to go out in public… I know, I’m vain. But basically, we’re still here and still plugging along. Just hitting a bit of a rough spot for a while, but it will work out eventually.


One thought on “Quick Takes

  1. Oh goodness- so sorry about your tooth! And a root canal- ugh! The hoarding thing- ugh, makes me mad because my MIL is the same way. When she dies I’m going to Lise my mind when we have to deal with her house! Chickens- no advice here but I hope the right decision becomes very clear!

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