Trying to Catch Up

Let’s see. A lot has been going on around here lately, and I just can’t seem to find time to get on here anymore. So bullet points…

1. Simon finished school! Hooray!!! I felt like doing a jig on the last day. He’s done with public school, hopefully forever. We will start homeschooling in the fall, but easing into it over the summer once I’ve finished doing all of my reading and research to make sure I am fully prepared to do this, and do it right.

2. Speaking of homeschooling… if you’re wondering about it or wanting to do it… I have found the most amazing method… Go and get the book “A Thomas Jefferson Education” by Oliver DeMille. It will change your life. You can probably find it at the library, but eventually you’ll want to buy it. LOL. And the second book in his education series “Leadership Education; The Phases of Learning” is, if possible, even better. It has completely changed the way I look at everything regarding education. Seriously, you should read the first one just to see a new (and better, LOL) point of view. So that’s the method I’m going to use, and I’m going to use the curriculum from the private school I spoke about earlier… and lots and lots of classic books. My mom was a literature teacher for over 30 years, so reading good books is a high priority in my life.

3. I think we’ll call baby girl “Eliza” on this blog. I hadn’t thought of a suitable pseudonym for her yet, and I think that one will do. Anyway Eliza got sick almost the second that Simon got home from his last day of school. I wanted to have a little party to celebrate, but instead I was up all night with a screaming fever baby. Okay, so she’s almost 2, she’s still my baby… For the next 5 days, she was living on only a couple hours of sleep per night (no naps), and maybe 8oz of liquid if we were lucky… which means I was living on only a couple hours of sleep per night. Sheesh, I am grumpy when I’m tired! Anyway, she’s finally on the mend and I’m trying diligently to catch up on my sleep. LOL. Remember when you were young enough that pulling a few all nighters wasn’t a big deal? Yeah, not anymore. I’m old and I need a week or two to get back to normal…

4. Simon started piano lessons yesterday. My mom, who lives in the basement here, is also a classically trained pianist. I’ve always regretted that I didn’t make her teach me to play… though it was a choice between piano and opera, and I am so grateful that I was trained in opera, so I guess choices are hard when you just want everything. LOL…. Anyway, she gave him his first piano lesson yesterday. He is SO excited!!! I hope he really catches on with it and sticks with it for a while. We also have a guitar and a violin he could start playing later if he got interested… I guess we’re a strings family. 😉

5. My garden is doing really well, and really poorly depending on where you look. LOL. My tomatoes, potatoes, and lettuce are stunning! I’m debating about trying to “stake” some of the tomatoes this year instead of “caging” all of them. Anyone have an opinion on which method is better? I’ve never tried staking, but it looks promising… My beets, parsnips, chard, and radishes suck. Actually they just didn’t sprout. I did something wrong and the seeds didn’t take. I need to replant, but it’s hot and I’m a pansy. Everything else is just doing “okay.” And I STILL haven’t planted my corn, beans, peas, and peppers. Oy. It might be a lost cause this summer. The big problem is that we didn’t put down another layer of mulch last fall, so the garden isn’t doing as well at being self sustaining as it should. We practice “back to eden” style gardening. It’s SO AMAZING!!! Love it. Anyway, we slacked last fall and are paying for it now! But it’s a good reminder to really focus this fall and get another good layer of cover down before the snow!


2 thoughts on “Trying to Catch Up

  1. All good things! Hooray for being done with public school! Thanks for the book recs- I will have to check them out. So glad E is on the mend. My baby C has been sleeping horribly the past few nights- I was hoping I could blame it on her being sick last week. Hmmm.

  2. We staked our tomatoes the first year and I don’t like it as much as the cages. We might have done it wrong, but I felt like there were too many branches that needed support and I couldn’t tie them all up. I’m going to have to see if our library has that book.

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