Okay, just getting on to complain. I’m late. As of this morning I could POAS. I usually spot for 3 days before AF comes, so I’m at least 3 days behind, even though I’m only 1 day late for the full blown stuff. Nausea, dizziness, fatigue… the works. But try not to get excited here… (heaven knows I’m trying not to)… my bbt chart is all wrong. All wrong. I just can’t see how I could really be pregnant… and if I am how I could avoid miscarriage. I’d like to hope that this will just magically and miraculously “work” but long hard lessons in infertility have taught me otherwise… I’m bracing for impact. I don’t even want to POAS because if it’s positive, then I’m automatically on miscarriage watch. Does anyone have some chocolate?


5 thoughts on “Lame…

  1. Thinking of you hon… (sorry for my long absence. I was certain I had added your blog address to my reader, but somehow it’s not there. Gah! Rectifying that immediately)

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