Today has been… just too much for me. I’m at that “either laugh or cry” point… although I think it’s really more like “cry while binge eating chocolate and watching a chick flick, then take a nap” type of moment.

So this morning, baby girl was getting into stuff, so I took her by the hand to walk her into the other room. She wasn’t happy with it, so she sort of tried to do a back flop (???) to throw a fit, only I was still holding her hand. So her elbow popped right out of socket. Screaming and wailing, and so much pain… it was awful!!! And trying to get her into the carseat so I could get her to the hospital… oy. It was killing me. And you know, you get to the hospital (hitting EVERY red light on the way, of course), and people wonder if you’re a mean mom and did it on purpose or whatever. And I get that it’s their job, and they were nice about it… but it didn’t help because I already felt so badly about it. I mean, I didn’t even pull on her arm, I just didn’t let go when she threw herself backward. I was thinking more about not letting her bonk her head too hard on the ground, I had NO IDEA this could even happen. So they get it all fixed and send us home.

I get home to find out that I’ve started my period, in a BIG way, a full week early and while at the ER. I’m a mess. And no tampons left in the house. And no time to shower. Thankfully, I did manage to get to the store, so that at least I have some tampons now, but I’m still waiting on the shower. Feeling all disgusting and tired and hormonal and weepy… oh and adrenaline still shooting through me from this morning’s accident. Cramps and a migraine setting in…

So back to my plan for binge eating chocolate and taking a nap… I think I’ll have to add a Dr. Pepper to that equation. Just saying. We’re all okay and I’m glad it’s over. Though the doctor said it can recur VERY easily, so we have to be careful about taking toys away from her, holding her hand, picking her up, etc etc etc. Can I just say “uncle” and go back to bed?


2 thoughts on “WTH

  1. OMG, how did I miss this post?!?!?! You poor thing. What a horrible day all around! And I can’t help but laugh at the Dr. Pepper thought because that has become my stress reliever these days – I’ve never had it before (ever) and now I can’t get enough. I blame you 🙂 I hope things are back to normal and that you never had another string of events like that, wowsa! I hope baby girl is feeling okay too.

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