Gardening… It’s an Addiction

Okay, I have a serious problem… an addiction really. I’m not the kind of girl who blows all kinds of money at a store. I’m pretty low maintenance. But you get me into a gardening store… forget about it! I absolutely LOVE gardening! I’m not the best at it, but I keep at it and enjoy it immensely, learning every season… And this season, boy did I learn a hard lesson…

This is the first year I’ve buckled down and decided to grow all of my own vegetables from heirloom seeds (starting the seeds indoors in the winter so I’ll have my own seedlings to plant later on). I usually just run to the closest garden store and buy little baby plants, but this year I finally took the plunge! And I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!  But of course, I screwed up. LOL.

I did all kinds of research to find good seed dealers (see it’s an official addiction if they have dealers), but I couldn’t find any who had the one variety of tomato that I REALLY wanted. The Mr. Stripey tomato. *le sigh* Thanks to Laura for encouraging me to grow it last year, it is the absolute BEST tasting tomato I’ve ever had, or dreamed of having.

If I knew how to copy/paste images from the web onto my blog, I’d do it here. But instead, here’s a link to a picture of it. I don’t know anything about this dealer, just liked the picture. I’ll do that a few times this post, sorry.

Anyway, I finally found a dealer, and got all excited because all of their seeds were so cheap! And they said they were family run and on and on. I love to support local family businesses, so I jumped without doing research… and bought most of my seeds from them. They say it’s a max delivery time of 2 weeks… well we’re at 3 weeks later, and I just called them and they “promise” they’ll mail them out tomorrow and I “should” have them by the end of next week or the beggining of the following week. That’s a month or more people. Gah! I need to start my crop already! And I just went on and did the research on the company, and they pretty much suck. I’m so screwed. They have a horrible reputation for shipping late, sending the wrong seeds, sending old seeds, and not giving refunds when needed. Months of frustration to get things settled with the company. So I’m beating myself up mentally, and praying that my order will miraculously arrive on time, correct, and complete. Ugh. How long do I wait before I cut my losses here, and re-order from a reputable site (thus doubling my seed cost), and get my plants going? I don’t know, but I’m starting to look around.


This is not what I had planned on talking about. I have a much more exciting and upbeat post in my head, but I’ll have to save it for later or this will be a novel.



One thought on “Gardening… It’s an Addiction

  1. I have the addiction. I don’t have anywhere to start seeds indoors, so now I’m just dreaming of all my plant pots being put to use. Sigh. If your seeds ever do arrive could you sell your seeds next year as heirloom seeds? Just a thought.

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