A Little Boy’s First Shart

Well I just realized that I haven’t come up with suitable pseudonyms for my family yet. I’m now Neli, but I need to write this story about my 5 year old boy. I think I’ll call him Simon on here, just because I love that name and won’t be able to use it on any future children, because my husband hates it. LOL.

So the other day I was sitting on the couch reading, when 5 year old Simon comes bursting in the room… pants around his ankles… bends over so I can “see” his “big brown eye”… and indignantly exclaims “Mom! My fart just pooped on me!”  Hahahahaha!  Oh the betrayal!


4 thoughts on “A Little Boy’s First Shart

  1. It’s funny how being a parent changes us… My guess is 6 or 7 years ago you wouldn’t have laughed :). Hubster was SO worried he wouldn’t be able to handle diapers and spit up, but because its HIS kid, he doesn’t get squeamish, he just takes care of it.

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